WiCS Office Hours

Connecting and supporting women and femme nonbinary individuals studying Computer Science at Tufts.

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Connect with Women in CS at Tufts

Feel like you don't know anyone in the department? Want to fix that? Come to office hours Wednesdays at 7:30 to hang out with other WiCS members. We love to chat and watch tv, so swing by and join us.

Learn How to Launch Your Career

Do you want to find out how to get an interview? Practice your interview skills or elevator pitch? Come to office hours Tuesday at 6:00. We have scheduled career development office hours, and would always be happy to answer questions.

Want to Relax and Do Homework?

Feel free to swing by office hours Tuesday at 6:00. Our members include TA's from almost every Tufts class so feel free to ask for a helping hand, or just hang out and code.

Seen Enough?

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