Women in Computer Science @ Tufts University

Connecting and supporting women and femme nonbinary individuals studying Computer Science at Tufts.

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  • Connecting Women in CS

    Do you giggle when someone mentions interesting algorithms? Do you wish you could meet other people who love the way sublime looks? WiCS wants to help you meet people like you. And more importantly, women like you.

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  • Providing a Network of Opportunities

    We all know how import connections are within the working world today. Meet someone who has a full-time position at Google and you're one step closer to getting one yourself. WiCS helps establish those networks.

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  • Supporting All Members Endeavors

    Perhaps most important is the support that WiCS offers. If you're working on your own side project, tell us! We'll be sure to spread it to all of our members and maybe provide you a helping hand!

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WiCS Network

Use your fellow WiCS students and alumnis as resources to meet professionals and establish connections.

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Create relationships with other female coders and work on projects and assignments or even attend a hackathon together.

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Sometimes the world of CS can be overwhelming, WiCS is here to help you along your journey whenever it gets tough.

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  • Maggie Veltri
    Maggie Veltry - President
    Maggie is a junior in the Tufts University/New England Conservatory of Music, double majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Science and minoring in Economics at Tufts while majoring in Vocal Performance at NEC. She loves IoT, Machine Learning, and AI. She is a member of the sailing team and ATO of Massachusetts and serves on the eboard of Tufts SAAC.
  • Emily Tran
    Emily Tran - Secretary
    Emily is a sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Foreign Policy Analysis. At Tufts, she is a TA for Comp 11, and a member of both the Chinese Students Association and the Vietnamese Students Club. She enjoys cooking, reading, using Google Calendar rigorously, and exploring Boston in her free time.
  • Angela Sun
    Angela Sun - TCU Liaison/Webmaster
    Angela Sun is a junior studying Computer Science and Chinese. She's also been a TA for COMP 15
  • Kalina Allen
    Kalina Allen - Professional Development Officer
    Kalina is a senior in the School of Engineering. She hopes to help CS students get callbacks and feel comfortable during interviews. She is a big believer in belief in oneself (we got this!!) In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, painting, climbing, and swimming in the ocean.
  • Nandita Subbiah
    Nandita Subbiah - Underclassmen Representative
    Nandita Subbiah is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. She is the WICS Underclassmen Representative. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and being part of the Tufts Debate Society.
  • Supriya Sanjayr
    Supriya Sanjay - WiT Conference Co-Chair
    Supriya Sanjay is a junior earning her double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Brain Sciences. You can find her in Halligan working on homework with friends or holding office hours. If she's not in Halligan, she's probably practicing late nights with Tufts sQ! She is thrilled to be a co-chair of the Women in the Tech Conference this year!
  • Anne Oursler
    Anne Oursler - Logistics Officer
    Anne is a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences. She loves coding, learning, and running. In her spare time she hangs out in coffee shops and uses the Bray Labs Makerspaces.
  • Lexi Walker
    Lexi Walker - Secretary
    Lexi is a sophomore in the School of Engineering, double majoring in computer science and biomedical engineering. She loves the winter, whether she’s playing in the snow, skiing or snowshoeing (if you couldn’t tell, she’s from Maine). She’s currently taking COMP 40, so catch her in Halligan this semester!

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